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Abolisher is the first of a two-part concept double album which sets up the story of the next album.

The story is depicted in an alternate reality, where King Akhenaten becomes mad with power, establishing a new world order through the power of an ancient book of dead gods. A shaman sees the future and the inevitable demise of humanity brought upon by Akhenaten, who becomes the last living being on the planet.

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released August 18, 2015

Chris Wittren - Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming, Recording, Mixing, Mastering



all rights reserved


Spin Cycle Productions Portland, Oregon

I'm Chris Wittren, an amateur producer from Portland, OR.

All the albums you see on here are my work under multiple bands/projects that I am involved in.

My main project is Becoming Akh, a progressive death metal one-man band.

Other artists include Face Yourself, Rot Forgotten, Destabilize, Siddhartha, In Somni, and Constructing Oblivion
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Track Name: Akhenaten, the Abolisher
Godless times are upon us
A new age has begun
Bear witness upon the change in this world set by me
Bear witness to your new god
I, the abolisher
Bear witness to your new god
I, Akhenaten, the Abolisher

I will purge this world of its reality and create a new one
Wipe the slate clean, start anew
Ending the reign of these false pretenders feigning as gods and watchers of this universe

Cosmogony begins anew
Shape what is to be this world in the palm of my hands
Track Name: The Tome of Lies
Knowledge is infinite
And you desire it's purist form
You seek a well of power
Granted by the reality around you
Wisdom granted by the gods
But unknowingly ignorant of the destruction you will cause

A power not meant for mortals
A desire for it will be your downfall

The book sits before you
What lies inside has already consumed your mind
You open it's chapters and find nothing but insanity
Your mind has self-destructed upon itself
You have lost your grip on reality
Track Name: The Shaman
I have seen the end of days
Our future is a bleak one
One we are destined to face
Our lives are intertwined
Ready for our self destruction

Space and time have become irrelevant to me
My eyes have gazed upon the gods
And they will watch the downfall of humanity
And when all is said and done
They will end it for us
Picking the scraps upon our ruins
They have become nothing more
Than parasites on our life force

I have seen it all
But no one is able to stop it
The best we can do
Is embrace our destiny
And let the end take us
Track Name: World's End
Humanity's downfall begins here
We have lived for much too long
Killing, raping, destroying everything around us
Bringing everything down to an immediate end

It is time to reap what we have sewn

The gods above will not save us
They will watch us drown in our misery
Like an audience spectating a blood sport
They have lost faith in a species they created
Little do they know it will end them as well

The women and children will not be spared
No one is safe any longer
We've drained the world of it's resources
And it will seek it's revenge

Our monuments will shatter
Our establishments will crumble
The people will be slaughtered
And in the end we have no one to blame but ourselves

The universe has imploded on itself
Destroying all sense of life
There is nothing left for this life
We have no choice
We have met our end
Track Name: Mind's Prison
This world has been lost
But I'm still trapped
Seeking freedom from a madness of being
The last living being left

My mind slowly deteriorates
My only solace found in the sands
Made of the ashes of humanity's dying breath

This curse is of a most vile creation
No gods exist
No man breathes

I am the last one standing

Am I the last of a dying breed
If I am the only breed left
to walk among this earth?

I aim to be free of my prison
I am destined to start this world over
The gods left this desolate place for me
I am meant for greatness
For now I slumber
Until the time is right
Let it be known that when I am free
I am their new god and ruler
And I will begin anew