Absolute Truth

by Becoming Akh

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The sophomore full length album by Becoming Akh

A continuation of the story set by the Abolisher EP, Absolute Truth covers the story of the conquest by Akhenaten to become the greatest entity in all of existence.

Physical copies with instrumental version of the album and merch available at Transcending Records:


released November 21, 2016

Chris Wittren - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Composition, Lyrics

Larissa Perrin - Additional lyrics on Heretic

Dmitry Karamyshev - Additional lyrics on The One True God, Aten

David Parnell - Additional composition on Ra's Optic Flux

Produced by Chris Wittren at Spin Cycle Productions

Logo by Rend Thy Flesh Designs

Album artwork by Caelan Stokkermans Music & Design

I would like to thank all my friends and family who supported me in making this album happen. First of all, thank you to my perfect and wonderful girlfriend Elaine for supporting me in everything that I have done, I love you so much and I'm glad you stuck by me while writing and recording this album. Thank you to Transcending Records for making this as big of an accomplishment as it is, my homies in Sisyphean Conscience, Of Fact & Fiction, The Odious, A World Without, Hail the Artilect, The Diggers, Hadean, Smoke Signals, Modern Day Babylon, and Despondent, my dad and stepmom Jordan and Karen, my brother Tyler, my stepbrother and sister Dylan and Katie, my grandparents Gae and Mike, my brothers from other mothers Jesus, Jackson, Jeremiah, Balbs, Steven, Josh, Lauren, and of course every one of you guys that bought this record and have supported this project since the beginning. I wouldn't be where I'm at without any of you supporting me and for that I am eternally grateful.



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Spin Cycle Productions Portland, Oregon

I'm Chris Wittren, an amateur producer from Portland, OR.

All the albums you see on here are my work under multiple bands/projects that I am involved in.

My main project is Becoming Akh, a progressive death metal one-man band.

Other artists include Face Yourself, Rot Forgotten, Destabilize, Siddhartha, In Somni, and Constructing Oblivion
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Track Name: Cosmogony I: Terraforming
I have returned to establish my empire
To restore order as I have seen it
My vision to become a reality
An oasis to the people who choose to worship
Or an absolute hell for those who don't
With the power of the cosmos within my reach
I begin to form the universe I deserve
Nothing but sheer perfection for me
I deal in absolutes and refuse to accept anything less
Track Name: Cosmogony II: Reformation
Peering through the void of space and time
Where all reality is within my grasp
I form planets and stars within the black
Giving life into the atmospheres
I form the lives walking upon the surface
I give them their purpose
To serve their ruler
The one person to show the true path
I am that person
I will show them what it is
To serve one shows purpose
And a promise to a higher power

One thing stands in my way
To achieve my, no, our dream
I must end our original reality
Hunt the universe for those who wish to oppose their destiny
A reality they deny but will soon embrace
Learn to accept what I offer
Or die trying to protect their old ways

There is no need to do so anymore
You can embrace this new world with me
Learn to live and prosper like a god
The way it was meant to be
Not be looked down upon by false idols

The new age is set to begin
Let us become one with it
Track Name: Empty Thrones
Extermination of a higher power
Collapsing the pillars
Of the heavens they hide behind
Piercing through the veil of reality
Destroying everything they stood upon
Wiping the slate clean of their filth

Their monuments of selfishness destroyed
The gods run in fear of me
They know I have become a threat
A power they stand no chance against
They send their armies to combat mine
But they are decimated
Their bodies scattered everywhere
Their lives can't even escape
From their own corpses

The hunt begins
Death squads on the prowl
Searching for the ones
Who have designed our fate
So I may finally have control
Over my own destiny

Killing these gods
One by one
Their blood spills
The universe quakes
Slowly their powers are depleting
The chains becoming broken
I feel this world becoming free
I feel my life returning to me
Track Name: Heretic [feat. Larissa Perrin]
We are meant for so much more
Enslavement is not our destiny
We must stand for ourselves
This man-made god is a fool
Driving us to our self-destruction
He sees only his own selfish goals
His vision for us has become clouded
And we must put a stop to his plans

Labeled as a heretic
But seen as a hero
An uprising is festering
An end to to this ruler is near
We have the power to overthrow him

The riots begin
The cities start to burn
The people begin a chant
Asking for the head of their king

We want his head
We want his head

We want his head
For what he has done to us
Treating us like mindless sheep
He wont get away with tyranny

We want his blood
This is not an option
The crown must be broken

We want his head
This is heresy
The truth will not set you free

We want his blood
Your precious Atan fallen
As you lay dead

His reign will end
When we have his head

But it was not enough
His loyal enforcers arrive
Massacring the rebels
Slaughtering those who fight
All are captured or dead
No other option
And that's when he arrived
To personally drag me away

I awoke in a dark chamber
To the stench of my own burning flesh
Tortured until I couldn't scream anymore
Until I couldn't grasp air any longer
Even in death, I forsee the fall of the king
My death will not hinder what is to be
Track Name: The Jackal and the Hunter [feat. Alan Grnja of Distant]
It is time to bring about my greatest plot
For I desire immortality
To ascend to becoming a higher being
I must destroy the ones who control our longevity

But why muddy my hands when they can bring upon their own destruction?

The mighty jackyl
Bringer of death
The last judgement one must face
And the skillful hunter
Sovereign of life
Portrayer of the light
Osiris and Anubis, I spoke of lies to them
One after the other for selfish gain
Neither of them know this is really for me
To be able to live forever
We cannot fear life and death

The two gods faced each other
Glaring into one another's life force
Anubis bearing his teeth
Osiris readying his staff
In a flash, the two struck each other
Lightning struck the battlefield
Shaking the earth to it's core
The sounds of blades clashing fills the air
With a hiss like that from the most poisonous of snakes
And the echoes of roars and war cries
The sights and sounds are glorious to witness

The battle raged for several days
The land covered in blood and sweat
Everything was going according to plan
The warriors finally paused, breathing heavily
They seemed to have exhausted that fabled warrior spirit
But Osiris raised his weapon and ran for Anubis, crushing his neck and snapping it in half
While Anubis was able to pierce his blade through his chest

Both gods were finally dead, and my dream had been realized
No man shall fear for his mortality any longer
Track Name: Ra's Optic Flux [feat. David Parnell of Hadean]
Our absolute truth is to be warped
Distorted for all of time

It is time to bring my reality to a head
And one being stands before me
I will have him see things my way
Obscure his view upon my new world
And have him view the new truth

I offer a sacrifice to draw him out
Unknown to him, the slightest touch brings upon hallucinations
Ra's mind would forever not exist
His reality gone and no control over his own actions

Without his gaze, the world falls into chaos
Nature had turned inside out
The people crying for help
Wishing for order to exist again

I am here to bring it together again
No more needs for useless gods
Welcome to my reality
Welcone to our reality
Track Name: Slave to the Ascaris
The alchemic process of a simple scarab
Transforming it into a powerful weapon
One capable of shaping the mind
Of my not so loyal followers
The insect will be perfect
A host to create the perfect being

The scarabs fly in the night
Finding their new home
Planting themselves on their subjects
Burrowing themselves in the skin
Attatched to their spinal cord
They become enslaved to my will

Their mind only thinks of me
They worhip me
Follow me
Cater to my every whim
I ask myself a simple question
Why not do this to everyone?

I have implanted a fail safe
All of these people worship me
The ascaris mutating further
Becoming one with it's host
No more doubt or fear will come from me
I finally have a perfect civilization
Track Name: One Thousand Mirrors
Visions appear to me
A dream of utopia
Coming to fruition
A dream coming to life

But there is a last attempt
Made by the fallen
A feeble one at best
Noble as it may be
One thousand mirrors surround me
One for every atrocity I committed
One for every person slain before me
One for the cities I burned to the ground
One for every sin I have done
As I had been judged for

The nightmares ensue
The screams of people engulf me
The blood spilling everywhere
Of an entire civilization
No hope to be found
No shred of light in sight
I resist the temptation of insanity
Not succumbing to it once again

Let my weakness leave me
And let my power flow through
Shatter these illusions
Let these fallen know
I am no longer restrained by them
Track Name: The One True God, Aten [feat. Dmitry Karamyshev of Applic[a]te]
All the gods have been hunted and slain
But I need someone to take their place
And enforcer I can call my own
Imbued with their power
But controlled as my puppet

Summoning the darkest power of alchemy
I create a new slave
One to carry out my law
To keep the people in line
To enforce my iron grip

The one true god
The only one this world needs
Controller of life
Of death
Of all the realms of existence
To control the people
To shape the world as I see fit

The god was perfect
Shaped in my image
Unlimited power
To use as a tool
And keep this universe in check

Let it be known
Aten is the one true god
All your gods are dead
And he will keep it as such
Track Name: The Darkest Sermon I: Descension
The time has come to practice
The darkest art known to man
One that assures me a ultimate power
To control all matter
To control all life
To control all planes of reality
My time has come
To become one with the universe

All my enemies have been slain
The false gods out of my way
Nothing can stop me from acquiring
What power that is rightfully mine

The descent has begun
Leaving the mortal realm
For the need of a new body
To dwell in my new world
Track Name: The Darkest Sermon II: Reanimation
Crossing the fabric of space and time
To where it all began
My rebirth in the cosmos
Becoming an entity of all that is real

My death has made me invincible
My new life will become the shaper of all things to come
The world I set out to create
Will become the ultimate kingdom
My throne of absolute truth
To come to me
To sit upon
And establish my dominance across this universe

Colors becoming alive
Shapes forming the stars
My hand stretching across
Breathing life into my followers

My perception becoming the only perception
The shadows meeting the light
Absolute truth come forth
And become all there is
Track Name: The Darkest Sermon III: The Astral Plane
I cross to the realm of the dead gods
And enter their former hall of greatness
To erase any evidence of their existence
Destroying all traces of them
To forget this embarassing history
And place myself as the only god we need

Bringing forth the new idea of worship
Monotheism has now been realized
With me as the figurehead
As their king
As their only god
As all that is needed

Monuments crushed by my hand
Nothing left but rubble and dust
A fitting end to the dead gods
A new beginning for the universe

All that is left
Is to solidify my place
Within the confines of the astral plane
And break them apart
To read the ancient tomes
Left by the dead
Track Name: The Darkest Sermon IIII: New Solipsism
I take my rightful place among my followers
Sit upon my throne and begin
Incantations leave their mouths
A great power begins to rise

I feel myself becoming stronger
Leaving the plane of the mortals
Traveling to a newer power
The flames begin to engulf everything
Breaking the restraints of reality
Watching everything form into something new

The followers swallowed by the fire
Turning into ash
Being swept by the wind
The reality taking its new shape

The world is crumbling
Cracks stretch among the earth and the sky
The universe crying in pain
Everything I know is now at its end

The dead gods return
To punish what I have committed
My flesh is torn apart
The power tearing me at the seams
I feel a pain unlike any other
My life force being stripped from me
I cry but nothing leaves my mouth
All that I've committed flashes before me

I see my end
It has become the absolute truth
The only one that is left for us
My dream has been shattered
My life is escaping
The universe returning to nothing
Everything becomes a void
A blank slate until it begins again