Becoming Akh

by Becoming Akh

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Debut EP + Bonus Instrumental Tracks by Becoming Akh



released February 4, 2013

Chris Wittren - Production, Composition, All Instruments



all rights reserved


Spin Cycle Productions Portland, Oregon

I'm Chris Wittren, an amateur producer from Portland, OR.

All the albums you see on here are my work under multiple bands/projects that I am involved in.

My main project is Becoming Akh, a progressive death metal one-man band.

Other artists include Face Yourself, Rot Forgotten, Destabilize, Siddhartha, In Somni, and Constructing Oblivion
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Track Name: Influencing the Universe
My body decomposes, but my soul thrives
Continuing to play a part in all your lives
Spanning from the pyramids to the Nile,
I still exist, no longer bound by my humanity

I watch over my friends and family
Try to guide them along the right path

My enemies unfortunately shall suffer
I will invade their dreams
Make them feel sadness and guilt
Driving them to madness for the years to come
Their suffering shall never end
They will know the true meaning of pain

My limitations are undone
I no longer feel the shackles of the living
Track Name: Anubis
The walking dead
My body running on pure instinct
Far away from home
No hope in sight

All that lays before me is an ocean of sand
The hunger is sinking in
The thirst becoming unbearable
Hallucinations taunting me
I lie on death's doorstep
And wait on Anubis to come and take me to the other side

I only hope he is merciful and allows me to cross over
Instead of continuing to let me suffer
Track Name: Fallen King
What the fuck happened?

One moment, I ruled this nation with an iron fist
Rivaling the gods
And now I've been overthrown
Waiting for judgement to befall me

I stood eye to eye with Ra himself
And kept order and balance over the people who groveled at my feet
I am a deity and shall be treated as such

I awakened in a chamber
Paralyzed and mummified prematurely
These people have done it
Overthrew their king
And toss my helpless body into the tomb they have built for me when the time was right

I now lay
Rotting away
The scarabs peeling at my flesh
I can't even scream