The Jackyl and the Hunter [Single]

by Becoming Akh

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First single from the upcoming new full-length album by Becoming Akh, due for an early 2016 release.

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released September 30, 2015

Chris Wittren - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Production

Artwork by Hartproject (



all rights reserved


Spin Cycle Productions Portland, Oregon

I'm Chris Wittren, an amateur producer from Portland, OR.

All the albums you see on here are my work under multiple bands/projects that I am involved in.

My main project is Becoming Akh, a progressive death metal one-man band.

Other artists include Face Yourself, Rot Forgotten, Destabilize, Siddhartha, In Somni, and Constructing Oblivion
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Track Name: The Jackyl and the Hunter
It is time to bring about my greatest plot
For I desire immortality
To ascend to become a higher being
I must destroy the ones who control our longevity

But why muddy my hands when they can bring about their own destruction?

The mighty jackyl, bringer of death
The last judgement one must face
And the skillful hunter
Sovereign of life, portrayer of the light
Osiris and Anubis
I spoke of lies to them
One after the other for selfish gain
Neither of them know this is really all for me
To be able to live forever
We cannot fear life and death

The two gods faced each other
Glaring into one another's life force
Anubis bearing his teeth
Osiris readying his staff
In a flash, the two struck each other

In a flash the two struck each other
Lighting struck the battlefield
Shaking the earth to it's core
The sounds of blades clashing fills the air
With a hiss like that from the poisonous of snakes
And the echoes of roars and war cries
The sights and sounds were glorious to witness

The battle raged for several days
The land covered in blood and sweat
Everything was going according to plan
The warriors finally paused, breathing heavily
They seem to have exhausted that fabled warrior spirit

Osiris raised his weapon and ran for Anubis
Crushing his neck and snapping it in half
While Anubis was able to pierce his blade through his chest
Both gods were finally dead and my dream had been realized
No man shall fear for his mortality any longer